Bill Yom, Global Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide and Spikes Asia Jury President for the Brand Experience & Activation and new Creative eCommerce Spikes Awards, discusses trends and insights from the APAC region.

What is the most exciting element about being a creative in Asia?

Asia is such an exciting melting pot for creatives. The fast pace of lifestyle makes it such an interesting region to explore, in so many areas of creativity like art direction, fashion, design and even the beauty sector. Asia still has a lot of room to grow creatively, but I also believe that Asian creativity is developing its own style, thanks to the mix of different cultures and backgrounds within the creative industry – from brands to agencies.

What are the big differences in ecommerce and brand experience between the west and east?

In today’s climate, brands are heavily under pressure to create awareness and to position their brand in an unusual or innovative spotlight. When it comes to ecommerce, Asia is much stronger in mobile ecommerce journeys and brand experiences than other parts of the world. Asian consumers are used to buying items around the clock – anytime, anywhere in the most convenient way. It’s going to be fascinating to see how 5G Technology, for example, will impact customer journeys in the future.

I grew up in Germany and I’m living in Seoul now and spend most of my time in Asia. I’ve observed that Asian people are more open minded towards ecommerce and brands experiences than those living in the west. In South Korea, we have a strong perception of aesthetic in areas like beauty and fashion.

What is happening creatively / innovatively in China right now?

Luckily, I am having the opportunity to support my colleagues in Cheil China, in Beijing, for a German car brand. It is an eye-opening experience, because the clients are demanding for unique customer journeys with a powerful idea and smart use of technologies. The creatives are exploring different approaches to get in touch with customers, for example, the nurture culture after a purchase has been done. In general, the shift for big campaigns driven by social media channels is huge.

What exciting innovations are taking place in brand experience and ecommerce?

Thanks to current technology, brands and agencies now have more opportunities to create customer journeys that can engage audiences in new and unexpected ways. In the current climate, people are open for unique brand experiences and stories. This helps brands to create awareness.

What is exciting about leading the eCommerce and Brand Experience juries at Spikes?

Both categories represent an essential part of life for everyone who lives in the APAC Region: The majority of people are buying online and everyone loves big trendy brands to express themselves.

What are you hoping to see in the winning work?

For both categories, I hope to see totally new creative work, which can define and reshape meaning. For both categories, I’m curious about cultural insights and the impact they make on the brand and society. Because the Creative eCommerce Spikes Award is new and fresh, it will be exciting to judge the work against both the idea and the sales performance.

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